As the winter sets in so does an array of holidays and weekends, while snow asserts India’s northern bits, the sun quiets its shorelines, its southern diagrams secure an easy appeal and the fields get used to a much anticipated additional layer of garments, the Indian Peninsula enters a standout amongst other seasons to movement here. Here are 10 spots to visit in India in Winters tingling your feet to get out and travel.


Location: Odisha


While Konark is recognized by the Sun Temple situated here, December in Konark is otherwise called hosts to a yearly dance celebration by the name of Konark Dance Festival.

The temple, every single structure, and the components that it gets itself decorated by, together with a festival of the established moves, leaves few better examples of traditional Indian expressions and culture.

Certainly an unquestionable must-visit spot in India in December. While in Konark, don’t miss a walk around a perfect extension of brilliant sands, the Konark shoreline.


Location: Jammu & Kashmir


What is known for its parks, valleys, perspectives, and nature strolls in summers transforms into an outstanding amongst other paragliding and skiing locations in India in Winters.

A standout amongst the most mainstream slope resorts in Jammu and Kashmir, Patnitop is situated in Udhampur and is encompassed by lovely coniferous backwoods and snow-topped heaps of the Pir Panjal go.

The quiet and tranquil air of this place offers an impeccable unwinding escape. Its incline as humble as the town itself, Patnitop is similarly charming for newbies, particularly in Winters with various setups and ski courses coming up amid the winter months.


Location: Rajasthan


A standout amongst other tiger reserves of India, Ranthambore gets itself all the all the more inviting in Winters with the wonderful drop in the temperature.

A district is known for being the wealthiest focuses of vegetation, a fantastic territory in the midst of the Vindhya and Aravalli, this one additionally houses the Ranthambore Fort in the save.

Aside from being the home of the imperiled tiger, a few other creature animal varieties are found here, for example, the wild felines, panthers, sloth bears, hyenas, Indian foxes, crocodiles, and jackals.

Contrasted with other tiger holds, odds of tiger spotting are moderately higher at Ranthambore.


Location: Karnataka


A little town situated on the western shore of India surrounded by temples in the territory of Karnataka, Murudeshwar is set apart by the second most noteworthy Shiva statue on the planet.

This structure watches over the ocean and all that is around and is justified regardless of the sprain in the neck. Murudeshwar in Winters is likewise shockingly a scene for Scuba Diving.

With its Scuba plunging offices dynamic amid a couple of months, go to the city in Winters, to see the above all that is beneath its oceans. It’s brilliant history, beautiful magnificence and quiet, tranquil condition, makes it one of the spots to visit in India in Winters.



Location: Assam


One of India’s most bio-different districts, this place wakes up in Winters. Kaziranga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in India and a notable, secured animal habitat.

It is famous for the one-horned rhinoceros and that is not in any case it. It is likewise a vital tiger reserve, with an extensive thickness of tigers exhibit inside the national stop.

Additionally, you can spot panthers, foxes, deer, flying squirrels, pelicans, hornbill and a lot of other flower and faunal species, which would more than compensate for a quite energizing and charming trek.



Location: Tamil Nadu


Prior known as Mamallapuram, Mahabalipuram is a standout amongst the most famous and wonderful locations situated in the Southern piece of India. Renowned for its extravagantly cut, mind-boggling temples and rock-cut hollows or caves.

Mahabalipuram is a genuine treat to visit in India in Winters. The locally made handicrafts and knick-knacks additionally add to its quality. With its wide and immaculate white sandy shorelines.

The cool casuarina trees, alongside the charming and cool temperature that the state secures at this point of the year. Mahabalipuram is unquestionably one of the must-visit spots more so in winters.


Location: Gujarat


A region of white sands for most parts of the year, Kutch changes into a focal point of festivity, merriment, endless tints, expressions and culture in December -January as it has its fabulous Rann Mahotsav.

While the summers at Rann are to a great degree sweltering and unendurable. Winters are very cool with temperatures some of the time falling as low as 0 degrees.

Visit this moon-like leave of India in Winters for a remarkable ordeal that will keep on charming you for any longer. The Rann Utsav will just add to the entrancing feel and experience while there.


Location: Rajasthan


Broadly known as the “Blue City”, Jodhpur is a standout amongst the most famous vacationer spots in Rajasthan. Having a rich and striking society and history, one can discover various strongholds, castles, and sanctuaries here.

They’re extremely engaging stylishly and are prevalent among local people and vacationers. In Winters, the climate turns out to be significantly cooler and substantially more lovely than the typical aridity. Therefore making it a flawless winter goal.


Location: Uttarakhand


Winter and snow dependably go as an inseparable unit, and what’s a superior place to discover both in Winters than in Auli? Eminent for being the skiing location of India, it has rush with travelers from inside the nation and from abroad.

December is the best time to be here because of the measure of snowfall which happens. So have snowball battles, enjoy some skiing and other experience dons. Unwind and take in the beautiful perspectives of the Himalayas from your resort. Whatever you do, you’re in for a great time.


Location: Nagaland


Break the pattern of going to customary places and plan an outing toward the North East. Nagaland is a standout amongst other spots to visit in Winters in India, particularly in the North East.

The extremely acclaimed Hornbill celebration happens amid December and henceforth it would be extremely shrewd for you to visit this stunning spot in the meantime, Which will influence you to begin to look all starry-eyed at the neighborhood culture.

Likewise, groups from everywhere throughout the nation perform at the Hornbill Rock Festival, which occurs in the meantime.

Hope you now have your vacation list sorted for this winter and maybe for the next as well. Why wait? Pack up your bags and book your tickets and enjoy the incredibility these locations in India has to offer.


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