What is the best thing about sea beaches? Is it the sunrays that fall straight on the ocean bed or the shining sand that covers the whole shoreline zone, in fact, both. India has an amalgamation of the best shorelines on the planet spread over the beach front lines. It holds almost 215 amazingly grand shorelines that offer everything from magnificence to comfort to activity and welcomes individuals from various parts of the nation to get associated with an extensive variety of shoreline exercises. Notwithstanding, only one out of every odd shoreline is popularized in India… the greater part of them has been basically deserted because of the absence of appropriate care and support.

Here, we have compiled a list of 10 best sea beaches in India that you must visit at least for once:

1. Radhanagar Beachradhanagar beach

Location: Havelock Island, Andaman, and the Nicobar Islands

Ideal Time Of The Year: November – April

With a portion of the finest shorelines of the nation in its arms, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are best known for its unblemished environment and untouched regular excellence. The Radhanagar Beach on the Havelock Island is the most mainstream vacation spot of Andaman and Nicobar Island.

It has been presented with the valuable ‘Asia’s best shoreline’ grant by Time Magazine. The shoreline, however, is beyond reach for enterprise cracks as no water sports are permitted here and despite the fact that swimming is allowed, it is just between 8 AM and 4 PM

2. Agonda beach

agonda beach

Location: Goa

Ideal Time Of The Year: November – April

The long and swarmed extend to shorelines, late night parties, wonderful foods and the water sports exercises what makes the essence of Goa. It has everything to fulfill the ravenous shoreline darlings. It likewise has some extremely peaceful shorelines for individuals who get a kick out of the chance to avoid the shoreline side hurrying around.

Agonda Beach is a separated extend of sealine situated on the edges of Goa that causes you to unwind in the midst of common marvels like, delicate warm sand and turquoise blue water. It has a lot of shoreline side lodging, for the most part, hovels for travelers to unwind and appreciate the stillness of nature. Agonda is picking up the prevalence of late and plenty of inns, gift slows down, and eateries are coming up on site. It is without a doubt outstanding amongst other shorelines in Goa.

3.Cavelossim Beach

Cavelossim Beach Location: Goa

Ideal Time Of The Year: November – April

Another goal for shoreline relaxes in India lies in the quietness of Goa between the wonderful Sal River and the Arabian Sea. Indeed we are discussing the delightful ‘Cavelossim Beach’ encompassed with an assortment of verdure including rich palm trees, casuarinas vegetation, and paddy fields. This peaceful shoreline in Goa pulls in voyagers with exercises, for example, sun washing, sun relaxing, dolphin trips, dusk journey, and shopping.

One can choose from an extensive variety of Indian artworks and be blessing things and convey them as trinkets to their local land from the brilliant bazaars that encompass this excellent shoreline. There is a considerable measure of lavish inns and shoreline resorts on Cavelossim Beach and the visitors can without much of a stretch get convenience in these lodgings to invest some vital energy with their family or companions.

 4.Mandrem Beach

Mandrem Beach

Location:  North Goa

Ideal Time Of The Year: November – April

This intriguing untouched and virgin shoreline is the best-kept mystery on the north Goan drift that you may discover hard to avoid. Mandrem Beach is a flawless shoreline goal for individuals who need to spend a laid-back and tranquil day on the shoreline while enjoying exercises like yoga, contemplation, shoreline walk, spas and back rub.

Not at all like many occupied and clamoring shorelines of Goa, Mandrem is a tranquil shoreline spot, which can influence you to feel like you have your own shoreline with fewer individuals around. On the off chance that you adore swimming and surfing, at that point the lovely waves in the ocean will add to your fun factor. Mandrem Beach is a standout amongst other spots to visit in Goa and furthermore the most delightful.

5.Puri Beach

puri beach

Location:  Orissa

Ideal Time Of The Year: Through Out The Year

One of the real attractions of Orissa, Puri Beach keeps on being a holy setting for an interminable number of explorers who visit the place to pay reverence to Lord Jagannath. This delightful palm-bordered shoreline lies on the fine white sands and comes in from the Bay of Bengal, making it one of the most loved spots for both Indian and outside shoreline darlings.

Situated at a separation of 35 km from the Sun Temple and 65 km from Bhubaneshwar, the shoreline at Puri offers a remarkable chance to witness the wonderful dawn and the dusk at a similar place. The guests can see an angling town along the drift and appreciate ocean depths arranged with a rich catch like prawn, handouts, and other selective fishes.

6. Elephanta Beach 

elephanta beach

Location:  Havelock Island- Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Ideal Time Of The Year: October- May

Elephanta Beach looks awesome amid springtime when nature is in full blossom, turns out to be significantly more agreeable. The vast majority visit this shoreline to unwind; some to appreciate an outing lunch with family and companions, and many basically to watch the bright corals under the ocean water. Presently, it relies on you… The which movement you might want to complete amid your shoreline get-away.

7.Yarada Beach

Location:  Visakhapatnam- Andhra Pradesh

Ideal Time Of The Year: October- March

Andhra Pradesh is blessed with numerous colorful shorelines that offer their shoreline with the Bay of Bengal, like Orissa. Yarada Beach is one among the numerous wonderful and untainted shorelines of Andhra Pradesh. They aren’t famous for gatherings or water sports exercises however for their excellence and tranquility.

Andhra doesn’t host numerous late night shoreline gatherings or five-star properties. However, it has the second-biggest coastline and the longest shoreline street in the nation. Situated at a separation of 15 km from Visakhapatnam. Yarada is an unblemished and continuous coastline, which prompts Dolphin’s Nose Lighthouse which sits on Black Mores Hill.

8.Dhanushkodi Beach

Dhanushkodi Beach

Location: Rameshwaram- Tamil Nadu

Ideal Time of the Year: October to April

There isn’t much to see in Dhanushkodi other than the shoreline and sand. It is extended over a wide range covering the most extreme region of the place. Flanked by the Bay of Bengal from one side and the Indian Ocean from the other. Dhanushkodi found 20 kilometers far from Rameshwaram, gives a visual treat with the unbelievable perspectives of the blue ocean.

Dhanushkodi Beach is the nearest point from Sri Lanka. And it is the same place where Lord Rama and Hanuman with his force formed ‘Setu’ scaffold to achieve Lanka. The vacationers still visit to see the remaining parts of the town and appreciate the magnificence of its shorelines.

9.Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach

Muzhappilangad Drive in Beach

Location:  Kannur- Kerala

Ideal Time of The Year: September to March

The main drive-in shoreline of Asia, Muzhappilanged offers a smooth drive of 4 km amongst Thalassery and Kunnur. It is parallel to National Highway NH-17. Sightseers visit this astounding shoreline spot particularly in the long stretch of April. The time when local people sort out a celebration to draw in explorers and youthful enterprise devotees to perform auto tricks and bicycle tricks. For example, floating and wheeling on the shoreline.

Driving is sheltered at Muzhappilangad Beach as it is encompassed by dark rocks. It defends it from more grounded streams of the ocean. This quiet shoreline is one of the prevalent shorelines that is famous for its serenity and pleasant ocean see. Due to which it is an ideal spot for voyagers to swim, take sunbathe, and to just stroll around.

10.Ganpatipule Beach

Ganpatipule Beach

Location: Maharashtra

Ideal Time Of The Year: October-February

Spread over the Konkan Coast, the fascinating and pristine Ganpatipule shoreline is one of the tremendous sights of Maharashtra. It welcomes a perpetual number of peace-searchers, shoreline darlings, and explorers consistently.

An awesome focus of fascination of this shocking shoreline is simply the sanctuary of Swayambhu. Ganesh went by numerous voyagers who make it a point to pay regard to this extraordinary diety. Ganpatipule has rich vegetation, including mangroves and coconut palms, which adds to the magnificence of the place.

India is a one of a kind nation that holds a portion of the best shorelines of the world. You will see  Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, and the Bay of Bengal from the various sides.

On the off chance that you are an energetic shoreline darling or somebody who respects peace and quietness. At that point, the rundown of extraordinary virgin shorelines above is sufficient to end your scan for an impeccable shoreline occasion in India. All in all, what are you sitting tight for? Gather your sacks and begin the most stunning shoreline excursion of your life!


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