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Everyone wants a perfect relationship but we know that nothing is perfect in this world. Some of the other problems exist especially between couples. No matter what we try but there are times when we face problems in our relationship and we try so much hard to resolve them but we are not successful in making things right. When we are in love with someone we expect things from our partner and when those expectations are not fulfilled we get hurt. We indulge in fights with our partner and these fights ultimately lead to breakups in some relations but quarrels to this extent can be avoided if we keep some things in mind and try to improve our relationship by following some sweet gestures that can really help you in building your relationship and bring your happy lovable days back.

1. Touch More

Sex is good, but non-sexual touches are those gestures that convey real deep feelings from within the heart. These gestures include holding hands, hugs from behind or kissing longer than you normal kiss. Trust me, these gestures bring that spice to your relationship that you have been always looking for. All these gestures boost up the hormonal levels in you and you feel more attracted towards your partner.

2. Ditch the social media

As far as my experience is concerned, social media these days is the most important cause of fights between couples and even betrayal. If one partner gets busy on his/her phone, the other person feels lonely and thinks that their partner is not giving time to them or feel less important. So if still, you are busy with social media sites, trust me this is the time you need to quit them and give importance to your relationship.

3. Stare into each other’s eyes for few minutes

Eyes are the best source to convey our feelings. As you must have heard that eyes convey emotions in the best possible way. Eyes speak louder than words do. So staring for some time in your partner’s eyes and getting lost in them is actually not a bad idea. You would have an experience that would be worth remembering.

4. Stop arguing in public

Respecting your partner is the first and foremost thing in a relationship. If you can’t respect them, you have no right to love them. And giving respect just for the sake of showing others is not right. If you start fighting with your partner in public, they feel insulted and disrespected. So you should avoid arguments in public places as people listening to your personal arguments are not a good thing at all.

5. Apologies if you have hurt your partner

Saying sorry isn’t a bad thing. You should not feel down or insulted if you say sorry or ask for an apology from your partner. When you are in a relationship you should be frank enough to accept your mistakes and move on with positivity.

6. Give sweet little surprises

Who does not like surprises. Everyone does! So why not surprise your partner with small gifts or romantic dinner dates that would, in turn, out to be a blessing for your relation. Surprising your partner with small sweet things like that of a chocolate box or a bouquet of roses on an ordinary day would turn it into a special one.

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7. Complement each other

Praising each other’s looks when they get ready or giving them compliments either for the food they have cooked for you or for any achievement of theirs. Compliments bring out positivity in a relationship with the feeling of goodness and your partner would also feel that you care about their work.

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8. Leave notes

Leave notes for your partners with some messages conveying them your feelings. The messages need not be big, just small sweet quotes just to remind your partner that the love and the spark in your relation still exists and would Exist till eternity. These notes really help two improve a relationship from flop to fab.

9. Smile

The smile is the best way to show that yes you are happy and not only happy but happy with your partner especially and their one look or glance brings a smile on your face and makes your day even happier.

10. Go to bed at the same time

In today’s busy schedule, it is quite difficult to take out time for your partner. But at night at least try to lie down along with each other. This promotes intimacy and love between you and your partner grows. No place is most befitted than your partner’s arms to sleep. So going bed at the same time would really boost up your relation.

So, these were some really tried and tested points which if followed would definitely turn out your relation that was once boring and not so loveable to one which involves that spark and that spice which every love relationship should have and like the relation which you had when you started dating your partner.


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