New Year is about to begin and with that starts all the plans and programs, resolutions, trips and what not. Often New Year also means going clubbing and boozing around but that definitely is not a mandate.

Here we have compiled a list of 10 awesome things you can do for the much awaited New Year. Check them out:

1. Plan a Game Night

game night

See, I’m speculating in the event that you would prefer not to go to the club or burn through Rs. 1000+ on a bar expense, you most likely have a most loved prepackaged game.

So for what reason not stir up a few companions as well as work partners and kiss 2017 farewell by whooping their posteriors at Balderdash?

In the event that you don’t have a most loved tabletop game – which is fine, at that point, the time is ready to go to a diversion night and find what it is.

You can spend all of 2018 and past turning into an ace at it, and that old buddy is the way to a decent new year.

2. Make a list

Make New Year’s Eve a period for beneficial reflection, and work out all that you’re glad for from the previous year. Consider what you were appreciative of, what you achieved, and what you put a poop ton of exertion into. It’s pleasant, I guarantee!

3. Pamper yourself

pamper yourself

More often than not, we neglect ourselves but we forget sometimes even we need some pampering. So go to that salon and get yourself pampered with the incredible spa or that much-awaited pedicure. What’s better than pampering yourself while welcoming the New Year!

4. Get the foodie out


Go to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite food, binge eat it while not bothering about weight and calories after all one cheat day is allowed

5. Try out that Recipe


If you are a food enthusiast who has been saving videos everything some cooking show pops, here is your time to try them on. Why wait? Go and get your kitchen to work!

6. The Book you wanted to Read

reading books

Start reading that book which has been lying in your cupboard for long now which you have always wanted to read, this is a good time. Grab your hands on them and welcome the New Year with your much-loved author and your warm cozy sheets.

7. Binge Watch TV Shows

watching tv

Lay back on your couch and binge watch all the TV shows or Netflix series you always wanted to finish, with that bowl of your favorite popcorn or say Chips!

8. Write Letters To Your Friends

writing letters

So, you didn’t get around to sending occasion cards. No worries! Top off your year by putting pen to paper and composing something for your buddies, even the ones that live close to you.

You could educate them concerning your year and relate recollections you had together, you could talk about plans for the following year, or, extremely, whatever strikes you at the time!

Sending them out will give your companions an unforeseen treat in the post-gifting month of January. Letters indeed are old school but trust me they have a charm.

9. Write A Letter to Your Self

Yup! You heard us right. There is a no better time than writing a letter to your own self, stating, what you did right, what you did wrong, what to improve, what to do, trust us, there is no better guide to you than your own self.

10. Treat It Like any other Day

Do nothing. Do everything. Essentially, do what you need. Treat this day like any other day of the year and do things that matter to you.

Whatever you chose to do this New Year, try to make it an opportunity to do the thing you never enable yourself to do, or make it an opportunity to change into a better version of you. In any case, Love yourself. You deserve it.


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