When we talk about Testosterone and Estrogen, we are not going talk ‘Biology’ here, we very clearly meant the two genders of the ‘Adam‘ and ‘Eve‘ class. Boys and girls can never be same, be it in their thought process or their behavior or maybe their take on different things at different situations but then again, when it comes to relationships, there are some pretty common habits that both these gender share, more often than not they do not want to admit the same. We have here compiled a list of 12 common habits of testosterone and estrogen-driven human beings;). Keep reading…

1. Savings

You start saving for your loved one, for all the surprises you would like to give them and for all the things you would love to do for them.


2. Phone – The New Lifeline

Your phone becomes your new lifeline. The boy can forget his wallet and the girl can skip her make-up regime, but when it comes to the phone, well, never can you forego that.

phone -lifeline

3. Battery Life

The battery life of your mobile phone becomes a constant reason for worry for you, for those in a relationship, you know well, what happens when your phone gets untimely switched off. The series of questions and answers won’t stop that early.


4. Unlimited Plans

Well, we don’t mean it “literally”, we just meant the plans your operator is providing you. If you try and track the recharge history of the lovey-dovey couples, you will find the history of unlimited calling plans and internet. We don’t blame you, of course, talking is important for maintaining a relationship.

unlimited plan

5. Calls

When in a relationship, you ought to get used to a number of missed calls in your calling list. You might be busy but your loved one must have been missing you, well a common situation. Apart from the missed calls, your call logs will just flash their name whenever you open it.

6. Earplugs

Did someone say earplugs? It often becomes inconvenient for people to talk “without” earplugs for hours. So earplugs become an absolute necessity.


7. Messages

Inbox, Sent Whatsapp, Hike, whichever messenger you name, there will be messages floating around from your loved ones everywhere. Messages of love, anger, hate (momentarily), jealousy. P.S. Remember to password protect it when you have a bunch of crazy friends.


8. Movie Choices

Whatever your movie choices were before you are in a relationship after you go in one, your choices change sometimes drastically, you often tend to resort to romantic movies from the comedy ones or the serious ones and sometimes from the action thrillers.


9. Selfies

You start taking selfies more often and every time you dress up. You want to capture every moment to show your loved one later


10. Dark Circles

These will never leave your face. Well, it is an eternal symbol of being in love, we say. They happen, of course, when your nights are sleepless, but then again you can’t refrain from talking.

dark circle

11. Dates

So when it is time to go for dates, which indeed becomes very common when you are in a relationship, you often tend to take special care of yourself. Spas, parlors, grooming, dressing, every single detail needs to be in perfect sync.


12. Surprises

Who doesn’t like surprises, I feel almost everyone does and when you are in a relationship, you love receiving surprises and plan one for your loved one as well. After all, there is nothing better than seeing happiness at your loved ones face.

We are sure all those love birds out there will agree with us openly or secretly on these common things they do. But, never mind, after all, Love is special, it is something that makes you smile when you are down.



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