Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality

Shawn Ashmore

The ‘Fashion‘ is a way to say who you are without having to speak. But, when you don’t get the style facts right, it can create havoc. And you may end up looking like a fashion disaster. But we know no one wishes to look bad intentionally, it is sometimes just a culmination of wrong choices. And there are some very common mistakes that most of the people make, without even realizing that they are making themselves look like a dumb. We are here to give you a clear picture of the 3 common mistakes in the fashion that make you look dumb. So read on and try to avoid this mistake

Over Accessorizing Your Look

When it comes to accessories, less is often considered more. If you know what we mean! Wearing a lot many accessories will only take the attention from your dress but also give you a heavy look.


How To Choose the right one: Most of the time, girls just end up buying accessories from the look of it, however, a lot of thought needs to go while buying an accessory. You need to sort out a list of dresses which you have and which can go with that particular piece. And analyze on your head, how your overall look is going to be.


Style Tip: Try to limit yourself to a minimal amount of accessory, for example, if you are wearing a watch don’t go for a bracelet at the same time. If you are going to party choose a light pendant with your western outfit.

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The Wrong Fit

Well, it doesn’t look at all good if your shirt is too big or your jeans are too loose. It might be comfortable during the scorching heat but to the eyes, it is completely disastrous. If you are thin, it will make you look thinner and if you are on the heavier, it will just make you look flabbier.


How To Choose the right one: While buying your right fit, there are certain things that need to be considered such as the garment shoulder length shouldn’t go past the point of your shoulder bone. Ensure that the length of the sleeves fit your hand properly and just end above your wrist and do not get disappeared into the sleeves.


Style Tip: Always try to trial the dress you would want to buy before actually buying it, and in some cases try to go for a size smaller for a better result, it will accentuate your figure well. But, don’t try it with every other garment, sometimes a size smaller can also be a problem.

Underestimating the Shoes

More often than not, most people end up under-estimating the shoe part. But, trust us, this is one heck of an important aspect when it comes to dressing up just right. No matter what you wore and how well you stylized yourself but just a wrong move with the shoes can spoil your entire look.

How To Choose the right one: When it comes to shoes, what dress you are wearing is most important and of course the occasion. If it is a normal workday, you can pull in your formals with some pointed heels (not too high) or a pair of formal bellies. If you are going to a party and wearing a short western outfit, you can club the look with boot shoes and strappy heels or if you are going traditional try to opt for some pointed sandals.


Style Tip: Don’t overdo in the shoe department either. Your shoes should be sync with the color of your dress and not completely contrast that just catches the eyes.

Hope we have you sorted, so next time you step out, keep this checklist ready!


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