Christmas is almost upon us, and with it lingers the experience of the workplace Secret Santa game. Every year a huge number of us consent to pull a name out of the cap, saddling ourselves with the nervousness prompting errand of purchasing a Christmas gift for a colleague, sometimes, we hardly know.  But there is no escape. And when it’s about the workplace, you need to be extra cautious with your gift since you definitely, don’t want it to be the topic for the gossip mongers!

To offer a little help, we’ve assembled a rundown of 10 gifting ideas, which are budget-friendly and we hope you ought to find something to satisfy the fussiest of colleagues.

A Ring Set

A ring set especially the spiral ones can help funk up any outfit with these mix-and-match rings. Perfect for that office BFF you got


Personalized Coffee Mug

Coffee Mugs has always been my all-time favorite and trust us, no one can turn down a coffee mug that too a personalized one.

Coffee Mug

Vase Planter

If the person is someone who loves trees, plants & nature, this one is perfect for the occasion. Gift the persona vase planter and there can nothing be better than this

Vase Planter

Make-up Kit

If you have a colleague who is much into make-up and looking good, a make-up kit is the best gift that you can present this Christmas.

 srcset=Make-up Kit” width=”349″ height=”349″ />


We always have a book – lover amidst us. Now if you are the secret santa for one such book lover than you don’t have to think twice. Grab the latest edition of a latest release and go gifting!



Beautiful and gorgeous, they help decorating the house and give it a serene touch.  Encased in a thin metal or plastic cup, these candles can liquefy completely when lit. They are typically small, circular, wider than their height and inexpensive.


A blue-tooth speaker

Just like the book-lovers, we also have one music-lover amidst us, and this one makes for a perfect gift for him

blue-tooth speaker

Candle Lantern

Another one in the home décor category are these retro styled Candle Lantern. It gives the home an ethnic look and for sure can never go wrong as a gifting present

Candle Lantern


If the one who has been in your chit is from the female fraternity, bags are the one best choice. You can pick anything from a tote bad to a clutch or a satchel bag. A sure shot gift item for a girl.


Wind chimes

Many consider gifting a wind chime to be a lucky one. Consider gifting a wind chime when you are confused on what to gift. This lucky charm is a charmer indeed when it comes to gifts and gifting!

Wind chimes

We sincerely hope that you liked this assorted list of Christmas gifting ideas. So next time when you are confused or in doubt, just pick one of these and Spread holiday cheers with these sweet and simple gifts.



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