A perfect relationship can get ruined in an instant. Small problems like the lack of consideration and miscommunication could put to an end to a great love story. Sometimes, you may find that because of small-small problems remain neglected until they turn to any big. In each and every relationship can evolve, as long as the two are willing to put effort and commitment into making it work. Otherwise, the issues will keep on piling up until either partner is unable to take any more.

Otherwise, the issues will keep on piling up until either partner is unable to take any more.

But sometimes, there is no room for mistakes as they can cause serious damage. In a relationship, our actions and habits greatly affect the status of our relationship, therefore, it is important we keep a check on the bad and the good habits before it’s too late.

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We all make mistakes and do things we should not have done, that is what makes us human.

There are some bad habits that people have in a relationship that more often than not make them suffer in the future, here are some of them.


It has been some time since the relationship has last been exciting. The two can no longer surprise each other. Partners know what to expect from each other and how to react in every situation. It is present in communication, in the bedroom and in the manner that the two handle difficulties together. It has been some time since the relationship has last been exciting.


Jealousy and the sense of possession have ruined many relationships. These feelings are far from constructive. They can cause pain, lack of trust and anger between partners. Excessive jealousy is a serious issue that demands special attention if the relationship is to work. It kills intimacy and tenderness. There is nothing constructive about jealousy and everyone should be aware of the problems associated with it.


Not knowing when to say what and when to do what can make them pull away from you. For instance, if they tell you something bad they did in a public place and you are not happy upon hearing it, save the yelling and cussing for later instead of embarrassing them and yourself in front of the whole world. If you really want to keep the relationship, do that.

Keeping quiet when you shouldn’t

There are problems in all of us, with all of us and for all of us and, my friend; not talking about it has never helped a soul on the face of the earth. So when you have a problem that you think needs to be discussed with them but you decide to stay quiet and let them guess, abort the mission because guess what? They are human and humans cannot read minds.

Bad timings

Imagine being told at work that they reduced you pay, getting a bad stomach by the burger or pizza purchased from office canteen.

Wait for a good time to talk about enormous things instead of hastening and fastening. The human brain needs time and space to process all that information

Forgiving but not forgetting

I want to tell you that I have seen couples who have, for most of their lives, been frowning. The history behind the frowning includes certain clashes took place and although they were forgiven by each other are not yet forgotten. I would like to tell you that, do not suffocate your relationship by never forget once you have forgiven.

Image result for 7 Habits of Yours That Can Ruin Your RelationshipNo compromise

A relationship is sometimes connected to painful decisions. It demands compromise and the willingness to support a partner during difficult times. Coping with each other’s peculiarities can often become an issue. The lack of compromise can ruin a relationship. Two different individuals cannot coexist without giving up some personal freedoms. It is all about discovering the right atmosphere and the balance between individuality and being part of a couple.

Being the calculator

Do not be the annoying one and keep track of all the money he/she spends on you. Gifts are given with love and not money so if you want to keep a track of something, observes how exciting they are for you to open the gift. That`s what counts. Also in any way, do not let money come in between you too.

Being not cute jealous

It’s fine, even cute, to be a little jealous of anyone who gets to do something with your loved one more often than you do but letting that jealousy take over you is bad. Let them have a life of their own and just tell them that you trust them enough to never doubt them and if it is meant to be, they will never forget what you said. Try to keep a positive mind, remind yourself of all the times they have expressed their love to you to help put the doubts away.


Nope, do not touch their phones until and unless you commonly do and they are okay with it. Otherwise, keep away from their personal belongings because; even if they are spending their life with you they still have one of their own. Spying on them will not only keep you dissatisfied but also, if you ever get caught, will hurt them. Try putting your trust in them. If you are wrong in doing so, life will prove it to you all be it.

Many relationships are ruined because of simple issues that partners had difficulties overcoming together. Love can sometimes end because of the ridiculous misunderstanding. A strong relationship requires communication and cooperation. If these are missing, staying together and being happy could be a challenge.


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