Makeup is a way for the woman to look & feel like herself, only prettier and more confident. Makeup acts as oxygen in a young lady’s life. Try to check a young lady’s satchel, and you definitely going to find in her tote a bunch of make-up items. After all, it helps boost her confidence and make her feel good inside out in the general public. Every young lady is a brand envoy of their most loved magnificence and makeup brand! However, imagine, what will happen if a girl’s most loved possession – her make-up kit is taken away from her? Well, that painful situation no one can decipher! Here we have compiled a list of 9 painful situations of a girl without makeup

1. The Visible Scars

All the scars from the birth or those from the childhood days, or maybe the marks of those pimples which just left your face, all become just too visible, and scars can sometimes be scary, indeed

painful scars

2. Pimples of course

When a girl is almost without make-up, all the pimples start to show-off themselves, and some can really be ugly. Smaller ones can still be compromised but the bigger ones can be a real pain


3. The Struggle of Hiding

And when scars become visible, there is this constant struggle of hiding the marks and scars with your hair or scarf or whatever you can get handy.

makeup hiding

 4. Incomplete look

A person who almost always dons a makeup, some days it skips out on her daily routine, the difference can be seen by all. Now be it the simple kajal, it will surely make a difference.

incomplete makeup

5. Lack of Attention

A girl without makeup often lacks attention of people. And trust me when I talk about a girl, who doesn’t love attention!

makeup lack

6. Lack of Confidence

When you don’t feel good about yourself, you lack confidence. So it will not be wrong to say that make-up and confidence go hand in hand at least for the girls.


7. Can’t Face the People

No make-up leads to lack of confidence and lack of confidence brings in a situation where you can’t face the people, especially those who are important to you, those who matter to you, most importantly, your crush or your special someone


8. Canceling the Plans

No one wants to go out at the party without makeup, or on a date without looking pretty, and when she can’t get your make-up done that obviously calls for a canceled plan, ruining her expectations & inhibitions.


9. Selfies

Who doesn’t like clicking selfies, and of course everyone wants to look their best while clicking one, but when you have no make-up, your selfies are never that great.


So, next time you see a girl who is without makeup know that there is an immense amount of pain hidden behind her going without makeup, and when you check out one completely dolled up, know that she has put on lots of efforts behind that!



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