The absolute best approach to accomplish a smooth and even composition is to apply foundation before you start with your makeup for that evening party, or the long-awaited date or that special occasion. The correct shade will vanish into your face influencing it to show up as though you are wearing no cosmetics by any stretch of the imagination. However, finding the correct shade for your skin often turns up to be a daunting task due to the wide variety of brands and formulations available in the market.

Here we have compiled a list of various types of foundations and their best skin match to resolve your problems and answer your queries. Keep reading:

Liquid or Cream Foundation

What It Is: These foundations generally comes in liquid form. There are various types including oil-free, oil-based, waterproof and even 24-hour. They can be applied for medium to full coverage depending on how much you apply.

How To Use: All you need to do is simply apply a layer and let it dry following which applies another layer on top of it.

Skin Types: These provide a heavier coverage and are ideal for normal to dry skin.

Liquid or Cream Foundation

Oil-based Foundation

What It Is: They contain moisture and tends to give a “plump up” look.

How To Use: Shake up the bottle before use because the oil often separates in the bottle.

Skin Types: They are a great pick for older women who want to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and anyone with dry skin.

Oil-based Foundation

Tinted Moisturizer

What It Is: These type provides light coverage and will cover up the skin unevenness. Some also comes with an SPF which makes it a 3-in-1 product since it moisturizes as well while providing an all-over sheer color.

How To Use: An ideal companion in warmer months when little coverage is needed along with some moisture. are required.

Skin Types: Generally suitable for all skin types.


Sheer Foundation

What It Is: This one glides on smoothly in your skin, giving it the appearance of a “no foundation” look.

How To Use: It is always advisable to supplement the product with a sunscreen of SPF 40.

Skin Types: This is considered to be one of the best products for women with normal to dry skin.

sheer foundation

Mousse or Whipped Foundation

What It Is: Mousse sometimes also known as the whipped foundation is again a liquid makeup with some air whipped in resulting which the product tends to be light and smooth. They give a perfect matte finish and a weightless feel.

How To Use:

Skin Types: Generally suitable for all skin types, but works wonder for those with dry or mature skin because of its tendency of a smooth finish.

whipped foundation

Matte or Oil-free Foundation

What It Is: These Matte foundations as the name suggests are formulated with water and not oil.

How To Use: These tend to dry up quickly, so it is advisable to blend it with a sponge or your fingers as soon as you apply. Don’t forget to apply an extra layer of moisturizer.

Skin Types: Suits best for women with oily skin, matte foundations are formulated with water and not oil.

oil free foundation

Mineral Foundation

What It Is: As the name suggests, these are made up primarily of minerals, which comes from nature.

How To Use: Mineral foundation is best applied with a big, fluffy brush.

Skin Types: An ideal companion for women with sensitive skin or allergies with fine lines and wrinkles.

oil foundation

Powder (or Compact) Foundation

What It Is: It generally comes in a compact form and so it makes up for a great foundation for women who want a foundation always handy

How To Use: It is advisable to use a brush while applying this one for maintaining the evenness.

Skin Types: This one is best for women with oily skin, but not suitable for dry skin

powder foundation

With this blog, we sincerely hope all your queries related to foundations and your dilemma has been resolved. So pick up your brush and be your own kind of beautiful!



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