There are generally two types of office employees – apart who are casual ones and the other part who are the serious ones. And you can easily differentiate between them just with a look – as we say attitude reflects in the personality, how one carries oneself and of course, the sincerity that counts, all these things apart from many other habits rule out the difference between the two halves. Here we have compiled a list of such habits:


Grooming is an important aspect of any office goer. It is very important for both male and female to keep them self completely groomed and neatly tied hair.



Bags define a person. A serious employee carries a formal bag whereas a casual employee carries a lousy bag which is most fit for any casual hang out.

casual employees


Timing is another criteria that can define in terms of sincerity and regularity. A serious employee is always on time however, a casual employee is very lenient in terms of maintaining discipline. A serious employee is always ahead of time while a casual one is always late

casual employees vs serious employee

Dressing Style

Dress defines a person’s attitude, it can speak volumes about a person. It reflects one’s attitude towards his work and objectives

casual employees vs serious employee


A serious person always concentrates on his work while a casual one always spends his time surfing social network sites and the rest while killing time.

casual employees

These signs are enough to identify the ones who are worth the job and those who take things on a lighter note. A casual employee may survive the job for a short run however, a serious employee will survive in the long run with his sincerity and dedication


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