Planning to go to a party? Or any wedding function. And you need a quick makeup tutorial that you can apply for getting ready in minutes. And why only events or parties, there are situations when we are in a hurry and we need to get ready within few minutes, situations like that of getting ready for office. Many working women rush to their office and don’t get enough time to get ready hence this tutorial is for every woman who wants to get that easy makeup look that can be done quickly and which involves almost every makeup essential that is necessary to complete a makeup look.

Maybe getting ready professionally or for any event, a basic makeup tutorial should be known to every woman if they are trapped in that last minute mess of getting ready and rushing for work or any other place. Here is the easy step-by-step makeup tutorial that can be followed by ladies out there-

Prepare your face

Just take one pimp of your primer and dab it on your skin once. Primer is applied to fix your makeup and make it stay longer on your face. Well, it is up to your choice that you choose a primer or not. If not choosing a primer u can even use ice wrapped in a cotton cloth and dab it on your face and neck.

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Start with the base

Now for a daily basis routine makeup, you can use a BB cream as beauty benefit creams have proved to be really good for daily purpose base. If getting ready for a party or event you can use a foundation. Just take 2 pumps of either cream on your hand and with a foundation brush or beauty blender blend the foundation or cream on your skin. Don’t forget to apply it to your neck as well as the two shades of skin never look good. Blend the cream as much as possible for sheer coverage. Avoid giving your face cakey look by applying an excess of the creams.

Hide the blemishes and dark spots

Next step is to use a concealer. Now you must be in doubt that is a concealer important in an easy makeup tutorial. So let me tell you that concealer hides all your dark spots, marks and dark circles avoiding your face look like a raccoon by hiding those dark circles. Apply concealer which is available in both fluid or stick form. Apply it under your eyes in an inverted triangle shape and over the dark spots that are visible and blend lightly.

At last, lock your base with a compact powder. What you need to do is take your compact powder, run your brush over it and tap to drop the excess. And just swipe it in your face evenly. This will not only lock your base but also matter your look. Compact powders also prevent sweat to destroy and smudge your makeup so you must have a compact powder in handy.

Time to do your eyes

For easy makeup look; you don’t have to do much. Now for the ladies who love a kajal or a kohl rather than a liner you can go for a basic kajal look. Playing with colors is fun so you can also try a kajal of different color that is other than black. For an eyeliner lover, you can quickly apply it by using a tape. Just put a small tape diagonally at the end of your eyelids and make a line above it. Remove the tape once dry and fill the entire and here you are with a quick winged-eyeliner which is best suited for any party or for daily basis too.

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Give a light tint to your cheeks

Who does not like rosy cheeks? You can use a blush or to make it simple you can also use a lipstick of pink or light red color to provide that light tint. Just blend the lipstick. Don’t overdo your lipstick on your cheeks otherwise, you would end up looking like a clown.

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The favorite of all- “lipstick”

It is always not necessary to line up your lips with a lip-liner. As we ladies are a “pro” in applying lipstick so if you are in a hurry and you have few minutes left with you, you can just sketch the lipstick at the end to complete your look.

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So, by following the steps mentioned above you can definitely end up with something beautiful and elegant. I understand that it would take time in the beginning but as you form a habit of doing this regularly it would take hardly from 10-15 minutes in completing this look. Stay gorgeous and classy!


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