Ever looked at your ex and wondered “Have I been drunk in the entire relationship”? Don’t worry if you had a thought like this. It is not necessary that every relationship works. There are times when people living in the strongest relationships even get apart. Breakups are common but the thing which hurts the most are the feelings and the memories.

People often can’t get out of their past and curse themselves that why they ever had been in a relationship or why they trusted someone to this extent. But trust me it is okay or totally fine if your relationship did not work and has come to an end. All you need is to cherish the value of a moment before it becomes a memory. So, all you need is to have a fresh start any moment you choose because “failure” of anything is not falling down but staying down. So don’t you think it is the time for a change, a change that can really take you out from the dark past you have been living in for so long. Here are some simple steps that will definitely help you to forget your ex-

Stop feeling sorry for you

Every so-called step-back is an opportunity to leap forward. Just believe that you can get over your ex because you can. Never feel sorry for yourself because your failing relationship cannot decide your future nor your present. Never blame yourself alone for anything that happened in your past. Or never think that if your relationship is over then your life has come to an end and. Your life has not come to end, in fact just think that it was just a bad phase that has ended and maybe just because something good and positive is waiting for you ahead.

Terminate contact with your ex

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Just stop talking to your ex and stop making contact with him/her. There are many ways to block your ex from your life. Just block him/her from all the social media applications and even you can delete their number if the memories of your ex-are bothering you too much.

Take a vacation

According to me the best thing one can do to start a fresh life is just go on a vacation at a place that can refresh you and make you happy. Vacation is the best way to bring back the happiness in your life that you were finding from so long after you separated from your loved one. Don’t think that loving yourself would do injustice to your already failed relation. Just accept the fact that things have ended and move on. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest and refill your heart with joy and the spirit of living life.

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Spend more time with your family and close friends

Matter of fact is our family and our closest friends are the only people that will never ditch our emotions and will always be there with us in times of grief and happiness both. They will never hurt you intentionally and spend time with them will make you feel light and relaxed because you feel safe and blessed with them. Sharing your thoughts and emotions with your family members or friends would definitely help you in coming out from your past.

Make lifestyle changes

Yes, another step you can take in order to forget whatever happened in your past just go for shopping, buy new stuff, change your looks every day, dress-up well, go and have delicious food out in short just bring your life from flab to fab. Just be happy be contended and try to grow. Don’t stop your life anywhere because going with the flow is the actually what you need.

Love again

Now, mentioning this point at the last has some really strong purpose. Just don’t bang into another relationship as soon as you get over your last one. Don’t make a new relationship to forget your past. Try the things mentioned above first and when once you are out of your past to some extent, not completely but yes at least to some extent then think of loving again. You can go for dating someone you like or have started liking because not everyone is the same and not every relationship is the same. Maybe this time you really find your love

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So, these were some really effective ideas to bring you out from your past and give you a new life. If you are successful in starting a new life for yourself and forgetting your dark and a past that was not worth your remembrance then thumbs up you are already a winner! Kudos to your new life!!


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