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So all the gorgeous ladies out there! Wondering what to wear to a recent cocktail party? If you worry about what you are going to wear and make a grand appearance there let me take all your worries and inform you that trend of the season is an Indo-western look. Yes, you heard that right, the most trending look of the season is an indo-western wear. So, by a trend, I mean the looks that appear in many fashion weeks, fashion blogs and people wear them. It may be true that an Indo-western look is not so common type of look and ladies have hesitation wearing such dresses at first. But trust me, going beyond the myths and accepting something that is not only creative but also fashionable is definitely cool.

So if you want to steal the thunder of the cocktail party, you should definitely go for Indo-western look for your cocktail party along with some accessories complementing as well as completing your look. Breaking the stereotypes and norms is nothing new in the fashion world and according to me coming up with something innovative has been appreciated it is just that you need to have confidence in whatever you are wearing and definitely you would look elegant in your look.

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What Are Cocktail Parties Popular For?

Of course, a cocktail party would be popular for the cocktails being served in there but apart from it, cocktail parties are a big reason for ladies to flaunt their elegant dresses, their beautiful looks, and accessories. So why waste this chance to flaunt your dress in style. The Indo-western style is the solution if you have a problem with choosing what to wear. The biggest and the most complicated question that a woman has before any party, what should I wear? I have no clothes. But I think the solution lies in your wardrobe itself. Sometimes we are not aware of the fact, that mixing two trends or styles can actually result in something that is anonymous yet amazing.

Now what exactly an indo-western look stands for? This question is in the minds of many ladies and that is the main reason ladies don’t opt anything new because of lack of knowledge. Now, an indo-western look comprises of the fusion of Indian and western wear. For instance, pairing up your damaged or ripped denim with a traditional Indian kurta. This is really basic, indo-western styling has reached somewhere up high and has come up with combinations that are beyond imagination and have been even seen in many fashion weeks on the ramp and television too. So isn’t that convincing enough to try indo-western look for the cocktail party?

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Why opt for an Indo-Western Outfit this Season?

Indo-western is the call of the season. Indo-western outfits have been one of those elegant looks that most people follow in every party as for now. Not only common parties, but many celebrities appear rocking the indo-western look in many high profile parties. Indo-western look is not new for sure. It is a tried and tested formula for rocking any kind of party not only a cocktail party. People do not like wearing clothes of the same pattern and Indian and western look influence them, especially ladies they like dressing up in both ways. So now, keeping aside the plain Indian or western look, the fashion world came up with the fusion of the two which resulted into a big fashion statement in the present era and would not definitely end up soon and would modify itself and become more creative in the coming time.

Some of the Indo-western looks that one can Opt

Now, it is easy to pair a dupatta with your jeans or rock your Kundan necklace over your middy-dress and call them indo-western looks. But as for today’s trend is concerned indo-western style has raised it’s bars too high. So, if you want to really steal the show and turn heads at the next cocktail party you attend you need to move a step further from the basics, and try something more creative. Now, the question arises try what? You need not worry, here are some indo-western outfit patterns that can inspire you and especially if you want to make a statement. Let’s take a look how wearable they are, for starters you can pair a royal Indian Anarkali gown with structured shoulder top, next you can go for a salwar jumpsuit.

An Alladin salwar with a poncho top is a good combination. Another statement maker is some mix of asymmetric pleated skirt and churidar pants with an asymmetric top. A fringed saree with a bandeau top or shorts with dupatta and a crop top, lehenga and an off-shoulder fringe choli. These were some ideas that you can rock at any cocktail party and don’t forget to accessorize them in the most creative way you can!!


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