Let`s tell you about what are smoky eyes! Whenever you have got a big concert or gala to attend, making a smoky eye can add a bit of sophisticated drama definitely to your look. Choose colors that compliment your skin tone, or stick with the traditional gray and black. There is several of the looks, so choose the one you like the best.

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Choose your color

Any color can be used to create a smoky eye, although you will at least need three shades of a similar hue. The classic smoky eye is created with black or gray, but bronze and brown are also commonly used.

  1. Green eyes look particularly good with the gray plum smoky eye, while blue eyes pop with gold and copper and brown eyes go great with shades of navy and gray
  2. You must choose three shades of each color; a light, a medium base, and a dark smoky color.
  3. Avoid choosing colors that are too bright, or if you have very fair skin, too dark. You want your smoky eye to accentuate your pretty face, not to distract from it.

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Use the right supplies

Although it may be quick and easy to choose the first three complementary shades eyeshadow you find with a sponge applicator, the perfect smoky eye is created using the right supplies.

  1. Using loose powders gives you the best blending ability, which is necessary for creating a great smoky eye. Hence, the loose powder tends to have a lot of fallout.
  2. Use pitch-black eyeliner to accentuate your smoky eye. You have the option of using a pencil, cream, or liquid eyeliner, and any will work just fine.
  3. Be sure to use high quality make up brushes. Using, dirty, old, or sponge brushes will create a smeared look that doesn`t blend. The best brush for a smoky eye will be a domed eyeshadow brush which is rounded at the top.
  4. Have a large fluffy brush, make-up remover and q-tips on hand to fix any mistake or lose shadow on your cheeks.

 Apply your face make up

Before you put on your smoky eye, you should create your neutral palette. Apply concealer under your eyes and on any dark or red spots, and then apply a powder foundation over the top to set it.

  1. You have the option of applying blush or bronzer to add dimension to your face.
  2. Make sure your eyebrows are well shaped and colored, as the smoky will make attention to them. Having brows that are too thin or light will make your smoky eye look dark and unnatural.

Apply your highlighter

Your highlighter is the lightest of your three eyeshadow shades. Using your eyeshades brush, dab it on the inside corner of your eyelid on both your upper and lower lids.

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Put on your medium shade

Take your middle eyeshadow and sweep it entire you are and sweep it entire eyelid. Be sure to enter it all the inside corners with your highlighter, so that there isn`t harsh divide between the two colors. Apply it upwards only to the natural crease on your lid, not all the way to the highlighter underneath your brows.

Being adding your darkest color

Begin at the outside corner of your eyes, and sweep in a ‘C’ shape from the about halfway inwards (from the outside of your face) on the lash line, back up and around to about halfway inwards on the crease of your eyelid. The darkest part should always be the point at the upper edge of your lash line. Don’t apply the shadow too far in. You want the inside third to half of your eyelid to not have any dark shadow.

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Add your mascara

Carefully apply your mascara, wiggling your brush between your lashes to help define them. Add no more than two coats to avoid clumps and an unnatural appearance. Apply a single coat to your bottom lashes to define them without giving yourself raccoon-eyes.

Making you look glamorous is not actually a big deal. Smoky eyes concept deals with the definitive bold look and the guide mentioned above can help you get what you want.


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