Honor Killing

A happy marriage is about three things – memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes and a promise to never give up on each other. But all marriages don’t end up well. When we talk about marriages, inter-caste marriage is another perspective. In India, this is one heck of a controversial topic.

People from any caste, creed, and religion don’t usually support inter-caste marriages and when their child does go into the untrodden ways, they either disown them and in some communities, it leads to honor killing.

Intercaste marriage in India accounts for only 5%. India whereas reported to have 1000 honor killings every year and that accounts for 1 in 5 honor killings in the world. The main reasons for honor killing can explain in three ways:


India is a country with almost 9 famous religions – Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism. So, it is not strange to see people falling in love irrespective of the religion they are coming from, but in India marrying in a different religion, such as Hindu – Muslim, Muslim – Christian, Christian – Hindu, is not acceptable in a positive light till date.


You might belong to the same religion, but then what about your caste? India is a house of 3000 castes and 25000 sub-caste, however, the main ones are the Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Shudras, and Vaishyas. It is a big deal for the upper caste people to get married in a lower caste. They make it a prestige issue, they don’t mind to resort to honor killing


Financial status is another thing that leads to this crime. Even today, in India a person is seen by the wealth he possesses rather than the person he is. A rich person will never want to have his son or his daughter married to a lower class family.

Despite the fact that our country is one of the merging superpowers but we can’t let go the fact that this is the same society where a young lady cannot to having illicit relationships in other religion/caste/low status.

A person’s religion becomes an obstruction, the age-old caste system & the financial status becomes the reason of killings. In rural areas, the Panchayat and the Khap panchayats never acknowledge such inter-caste marriages, people who dare to go beyond the usual norms are punished sometimes drastically, beyond imagination, that includes raping and slaughtering.

In fact, many parents don’t hesitate to kills their own child in the name of honor and prestige instead of standing beside them.

It is time, India should see this gruesome issue which is taking a strong hold over the country. A person’s emotions and feelings can never be judged in terms of religion, caste, and status. Something which defines a person is his dedication and commitment towards his loved one and the hope to achieve something better.

Honour killing is an offense. It is similar to murder. Although there are no separate laws for honor killings, however, deal with charges of murder under the Indian Law System. This custom of honor killing needs to stop. Grievance actions should be imposed against the culprit. No one has the right to kill, and being in love is never wrong. People need to understand these things right!

Given below are two case studies demonstrating the problems facing couples who do inter-caste marriages

Case Study 1: Ilavarasan-Divya 

Case Study 2: Hakim-Mehwish 

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