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Whether it is a long-term strong relationship or it is a newly starting romance, we can simply not overlook the role of intimacy in any of types. The question arises here that is intimacy the end of any relationship? Does it ends the grace between the couple or it would give a fresh start??? We find couples these days saying that the grace and excitement between them ended after they got intimate. We also find people saying that it gave them a new start with more grace and excitement. Well, this all depends on your role in complete intimacy prospect.

Before getting further with discussion, we need to know what ‘intimacy’ actually is. In perspective to the relationship, intimacy can be considered as a bond of close acquaintance and affinity between the couple with consent. It is actually about being close emotionally and physically and apart from this, it is also about acceptance of feelings of each other and their constant efforts.

A couple saying “It gave our relationship a new start”

Couples simply find intimacy quite exciting and graceful as well. They say “I was really worried but since we made out, we got involved in each other even more.” Some people find it as a myth but intimacy is a part of closeness between the love bond and it even drives crazy towards each other. It cannot be considered myth as it is a beautiful part of reality. If you are happy with each other after intimacy then it’s obvious that the love between you is alive and is added a fuel to it. It even makes you understand each other more closely and deeply and I think this is quite good for our healthy relationship to grow.

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Does it also mark an end of a relationship?

Well if someone is asking about ending a relationship, there can be various reasons. Every day we hear up stories about the ending of long relationships and if we find reasons, we would find people saying “we ended up after we got intimate” or “he does not love me anymore” or “he/she has no more interest in me anymore.” Well, reasons behind these issues are that you must not be able to carry it properly. Intimacy is the close familiarity and affection of each other and this is carried with great understanding acceptance as well. Here, compromise and restrictions cannot be placed.

I can simply mark it as a reason among couples getting involved more in each other, or getting even more loving. If conducted properly respecting each other’s opinions, values and consents. It is going to take your relationship to the next level. Where there is no space for misleading, betrayal and misunderstandings. Your love for your partner would increase even more and more.

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Do you wish to get a burning hot relationship where you may get mad at each other? Here I am lighting up few points that can drive you and your partner crazy and get intimacy quite more exciting.

Candid Conversations with your Partner

Yes, a candid conversation or a heated talk can get you guys set your relationship on fire. Burning chats can help you get your partner drive more to get intimate. It this may increase the equal understanding and needs of one another even more. Here you must create a safe that is safe where you can have loving and heated conversations.

Show yourself some love

Lack of intimacy that causes distances between the couples is due to lack of confidence and looks as well. It is important that you take care of your skin a little and develop your confidence. Skin aging, pregnancy, and weight gaining ca kill your aura internally and externally and this can lack intimacy. Feed skin, spirit and mind of yours as well.

Release Old Stories

Expressing the experiences that you had in your past relationship is not a good idea. Whatever the experience was there of yours in past, putting them with your current relationship can prove to be destructive. Instead of ruining your relationship in past experience the present you are having and tell them how important they are.

Intimacy has bought up as a major fact about successful relationships. It is not an end of any relationship. Instead, we can consider it as a classified way for a fresh start and increase of a bond with your partner. Here what needed is consent of each other, respect for each other’s feelings, expressing feelings for each other and heated and loving conversations. If you find intimacy, rethink once again. Maybe all that you need here is the more understanding and motivation.


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