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There are times when in a relationship everything is perfect and she is into you and you have a great connection. But then suddenly that connection started fading and you feel dissatisfied. And then the girl directly says that she was never interested and wants to separate. You feel heartbroken and try everything possible to get her back. I have heard this type of situation from many boys or men. But this sudden shock or grief makes you weak so in order to escape from such situation, it is important to know exactly when is the time when you yourself should quit the relation and move on. This can actually save you from the pain given by your partner as no one can withstand betrayal. So here are some points you should keep in mind that finally this the time should quit-

Her communication becomes quite less

You and your partner were happy and contented but now she talks less and communication has become less of you both. You actually need her and crave for her time but her excuses don’t let you talk with her. This is a reason she wants to end things and run away from you. You can definitely take this as a sign of separation.

Related imageShe tells you she needs space

Whenever you try to come close to her she runs away or ‘I need space’ are the words you get to hear when you try and become cozy with her. When you are in a relationship you should give her space but that does not mean she starts avoiding you so you should get alerted when you hear these words from your partner.

It is an act of self-respect

Yes of course self-respect is important. Don’t you think that getting respect is the right of every single person and not only women? Boys or men equally should get respect from their lady love. If this respect is only one-sided trust me you must get alarmed because tolerating insult is no-where a sign of showing love. So just revolt back and speak.

You have fear of losing her

I have seen relationships where the lady or girl is over-friendly with other guys. It hurts their partner a lot but just to save their relationship they don’t say anything and tolerate other guys getting close to their love. It is not wrong hanging out with other friends of opposite gender but getting overfriendly is a matter of concern.

When it does not let you grow as a person

You are prevented from growing as a person you were before because of “n” number of fights and disputes that are actually created by her you need to find out what are these fights a reason for a breakup that can be a reason for your grief in future.

When she feels uncomfortable with you in bed

Yes, the most important turning point in a relationship and most important alarming point for a guy in a relationship is when her girl feels uncomfortable when he touches her. A very important reason for this may be the girl is getting physical satisfaction from somewhere else or if I say directly may be the girl is cheating on this guy to be with some other guy. So, if your girl denies being with you in bed that may be possible because of your girl ditching you from your behind.

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When your care or sweet surprises no more excites her

There was a time when the love of your life became joyous and excited seeing small gifts or surprises from you or when you showed care for her by giving her a morning cup of tea when she wakes up. But now these small surprises are no more special but annoying. She accuses you of being over-possessive or over-loving. You made all possible efforts to make her happy but now she feels no happier and your little efforts turn into a reason for the fight. This is a stage when you need to see the truth that your lady does not love you anymore and before she leaves you alone in that relationship, you yourself back out.

Image result for Is She Not Worth Your Sentiments? Reasons Why You Should Let Her Go

So, these were some points that would help all the guys who are in true love, they give love and care but get none. So, if this is the case then you should definitely read out the above points and understand the value of your love and time and who is worth that precious love.


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