A sense of style & fashion is a much-needed asset in today’s fast-changing world, where everyone wants to look good. A style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality. A good style keeps you one step ahead. However, most of us, know how to dress well and fine, but somewhere something gets missing which makes them lack that “oomph” factor. In this article, we have compiled to show you how you can step up your style from others and make the heads go round. Here we go!

Analyze your type of clothing

There is always something new going on in the fashion industry, but, every latest collection is definitely not meant for everyone. Before you follow a trend blindly, analyze if that suits you well, if it doesn’t, then don’t follow the herd.


Experiment with Graphic Tee

Graphic Tees are just not for weekend wear. You can club your graphic tees with blazer and pencil skirt. It will definitely step up your style quotient, so take your graphic tee to a next level.


Red Jeans

Denim is everyone’s favorite and when we are talking about stepping up your style quotient, red jeans belong to this list. You can wear them on a casual hang out or just don it to work.



Scarves are a great and simple way to pull in different patterns to create different looks such as a tee, classic French girl style, drap it under the collar of the blazer, clubbed with a cardigan. You can choose the material of the scarf depending on the weather, a light cottony one for the summers or a heavy woolen one for the winters.


Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are another of its kind. You can stylize them in different ways – buttoned & belted, layer up with a formal shirt, layered beneath another jacket, club them with a dress, and many more. The best thing, you can pair them with almost anything & everything.


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Neon Colors

Experiment with different shades of neon colors, but don’t go all neon, of course, it will just turn you up a fashion disaster. You just need to know how to pair it right. For example, you can combine your neon colors with shades of gray, navy blue, camel, chambray, lavender, light blue, and denim. Remember not to over-do the shoe department.



Yes, you heard it right. Keep yourself posted with latest blogs and posts on fashion, it will increase your fashion quotient and help you step up your style once step ahead. Because when it comes to fashion, it is important to keep yourself updated.

Fashion some of the time appears a ton less demanding than it is. You see adorable outfits everywhere, and you may think, “how hard would it be to carry it?” Well, things being what they are, it can be quite troublesome. For a great deal of us, building up our own feeling of individual style can take quite a while. You need to make sense of what you’re agreeable in, what you like best about yourself, and how to style your garments particularly.


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