New Year has just begun and Valentine’s Day is approaching. A time of the year when people are making new resolutions, so when you are making resolutions for yourself and your life give your relationship a thought and start doing things a little differently.

Here are a few relationship resolutions that will enhance your relationship even better than ever before, read on if you wish to make your romantic relationship a happier, healthier union.

1.A positive approach

positive approach

There are lots of reasons why positivity beats out negativity. Not merely is positivity supplementary attractive than doubt or else cynicism, it’s additionally a charming strategy in support of navigating relationship conflict.

Interestingly, it has been found that people are particularly sensitive to negative feedback and that couples who are more positive in their approach are more likely to stay together.

2. Give time to your relationship

give time

Good things don’t just happen by chance and it holds true even more when it comes to good relationships. If you want success, you need a plan, no matter whatever it is.

Given that there are only 24 hours in a day, Try to dedicate a time to your loved one. Sometimes just an hour a day where you aren’t working, watching TV, or dealing with life’s many responsibilities is enough.

3. Find fun stuff that can be done together

play games

It has been seen that couples who play together, stay together. Make amends and participating in fun and exciting play with your partner and it can actually increase relationship satisfaction. This year press pause on your Netflix & Hotstar series and find ways to harness your inner child.

4. Be less demanding

less demanding

Satisfaction is directly linked to our expectations, thus, more a relationship exceeds what we had hoped for, the happier we are.

The interesting and sometimes problematic thing about expectations is that they keep on changing. You met your partner you may wonder how great he/she was.

However, as time pass on you may have become familiar with this status quo. Expectations from the relationship rose and you were not as thrilled by the same amazing behavior you once adored.

In such cases, you may want to consider asking yourself if your expectations have reached fairytale proportions. Make it a point not to take your partner for granted and try to remember how lucky you are to be with him/her.

5. Communicate more effectively


This one may be easier trust us when we say it may be the key to a successful relationship. Conflicts arise when people lack effective communication skills.

Listening is something you need to master the art of, not everyone is good at it. Most of the time during the argument couple spend more time defending themselves than validating the opinions.

Thus, be more patient with your partner and listen. Problems happen, they arise but the solution to every problem is some effective communication.

Life is not a bed of roses and so is the relationship, but it is not difficult to maintain it either, all you got to do is put on some little effort and you are all good to go.


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