Makeup is something which is applied and liked by every woman I suppose. Well, that is not necessary in every case because some women also like to be natural but applying makeup for a party or any event becomes a necessity because you just can’t bump into any party without getting ready as everyone else will come with their best look on. So makeup may be a necessity or doing it on a regular basis needs some guidance as you just can’t apply it all over your face unevenly because that gives a quite shabby look too.

So applying makeup on the place and evenly all that you need is a correct makeup brush. Yes it is very important to use a correct brush because I think applying any makeup you need a brush except for a lipstick but let me tell you that even lipsticks are applied with the help of a brush by professionals. So here is all that you need to know about makeup brushes and its application-

Types of makeup brushes and tips to use it

Now, one thing you should know is that if you are using a powder product you need a brush with natural bristles and if a liquid or cream product you need a brush with a synthetic brush. There are many types of makeup brushes available in the market and used by professionals in the salon for giving that ultra- high definition look. Types of makeup brushes are as follows-

A Foundation Brush

A foundation brush is especially for blending your foundation or primer on the skin and making it absorb into the skin deeply so that it stays for a longer time there. All that you need to do is just apply your foundation or primer (if applying first) on your skin and sweep outward towards your hairline for a seamless finish.

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A Beauty Blender

The beauty blender or even called a beauty blending sponge is a new trend these days. The best application of it is to just pat it on your skin evenly and apply your foundation or concealer on it for sheer coverage. Just dampen your beauty blender and apply foundation on it and apply it evenly in dabbing motion. You can even use a makeup fixer in place of water like that of aloe-vera gel makeup fixer.

beauty blender

Kabuki Brush

Though weird by its name, a kabuki brush is really helpful as it is used in contouring your face. The question arises that is contouring necessary? Contouring basically gives your face a shape if any bulges are there on it. We use a bronzer for this purpose. Just sweep the bronzer with the help of the brush on your temple, hairline, cheekbone, and jawline by moving your brush in a motion making a ‘3’.


Powder Brush

Powder brushes are usually used to apply loose face powders. You need to dust its bristles upon your face to diffuse loose powder or also they can be used to apply blushes on your cheekbones. It also plays a role of corrector by reducing the intensity of color if applied mistakenly in higher concentration.


Angled Brush

An angular brush can be used for two purposes. First can be for shaping your eyebrows with color. For that, you need an angular brush as it gives the correct shape to your eyebrows. Second is using an angular brush for applying a gel-eyeliner. It gives you the correct and accurate winged as well as simple eyeliner shape.


Eye-Shadow Brush

An Eye-shadow brush helps to apply smooth eye-shadow across your eyelids. For more intense color use it in a windshield-wiper motion.


Smudger Brush

By the word smudge, you can easily guess what we are exactly talking about. Yes, the very popular smoky eye-look. Just line your eyelid and brush it from side to over for getting a smoky and sultry look. Just smudge it properly and don’t over-smudge it or it won’t create that effect.


Fan Brush

A fan brush helps to highlight your cheekbones, the nose area or the tip of your chin. Just take some highlighter tap it on the pellet to remove the excess. And move it in straight motion for giving your face the perfect highlighting. Don’t overdo for avoiding extra shine.


Therefore, these were some really helpful makeup brushes along with the tips to use them. If you would follow these tips I can assure you, you would end up creating a really sultry and beautiful look for yourself and will be party ready within minutes.


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