Every relationship needs that kick of spice after some boring relationship days. Just because the love in a relationship should not die and should be alive couples need to follow some points or need some ingredients that may add that spice to their relationship and allow them to relive some moments that they lived once their relationship was new. Every couple misses that fun, that joy that they used to have once they were a new couple. And of course we all know this fact that love is more powerful in the initial stages of a relationship but you need not worry if you miss that love in your relationship. Here are some ingredients or points that when taken into consideration could definitely spice-up your special bond-

Create secrets together

You and your Partner should have that mutual understanding that enables you to keep some things or some secrets that are between only you and your partner. These secrets may be related to your intimate moments that you both have spent together or some secrets that need to be just between you two.

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Admire each-other- In order to increase the love, the spice to your relation, you need to admire your partner. You should appreciate them for small things, care for them by showing sweet gestures like making morning tea for them and making them feel special by doing things that make them feel that their partner really admires them.

Retell the story of your first date

For every couple, their first date is damn special and memorable. So why not recall those special moments once again and go back to the past and relive those moments you spent with your partner on your first date and believe me it will be an emotional yet so special throwback for you.

Create the backdrop

Create things or moments that are really special for you and your partner. This includes like that of planning a surprise trip, or a movie date or a dinner date creates backdrop moments for couples.

Create intimacy building strategies

The best thing you can do and the best ingredient you can add to your relationship is planning strategies that can help and build the intimacy between you both. These strategies can include love games or do sex at a place other than your bedroom will definitely increase intimacy and spice up your relation as well.

Make a Public Declaration of Your Love

Now, if still, you have hidden your love from the world, it is the time you need to declare your love publicly and tell everyone, yes you both are made for each other and finally, you have found the love of your life. This brings a kind of confidence in you and helps you build trust among yourselves.

Cook something extravagant

Eating from hotels or expensive restaurants is quite a common thing and is nothing special. So want a special dinner date with your partner and cook yourself all the dishes that are your partner and yours favorite too. As it is said that what a tasty food can do nothing else can. So just make a list of dinner dishes along with a sweet dish that can boost up yours partner mood within seconds.

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Communicate your Romance

Now it is not necessary that you wait for a chance to have a serious talk or buy expensive gifts. There are many other ways that can show your love and communicate your love to your partner. Talk in sign language just like that of giving signs by using your eyes or your accessories. Trust me! People love these love signs especially men. So try and do things that in turn attract your partner just like that of leaving messages on paper or some unexpected touches. Yes all of them would work.

Ditch the Distractions

Distractions like social media are a big road stone between you and your partner because of which it creates a gap between you and your partner but if you really want that things should spice-up your love life leave spending more time on social media and focus on your partner.

Play romantic games that increase attraction

Take out time from the busy schedule you have been living in and plan or think games or activities that bring you closer to your partner. Many games increase the physical intimacy between a couple like that of a paper couple dance or sex-games. I am sure they would really help you.

So, I think these points or I should say love ingredients would help a couple in retaining back that love, that closeness they once had and now are craving for. So no need to get worried! You have been provided with a sure shot solution.


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