Valentines week is here and the best time for all couples. Well, for true lovers every day is Valentines day but it is good to celebrate these Seven Days of Valentines Day apart from your busy schedule and take out time for your partner because it happens that we bet so busy in the daily lives that we don’t realize when was the last time we spent memorable and romantic moments with our loved ones?

valentine day

So if you feel the same, this Valentines week is the best time for you to express your love in form of different days and spending each day with full hype and love.

The Valentines week comprises of seven different days with the unique significance of each. Every day has its own importance and is celebrated with great enthusiasm among couples. May you be married or just a normal couple, this Valentines week is equally celebrated by all. Now, what exciting and romantic you can do on each day of the Valentines week can be illustrated by these some really cool ideas.

Rose Day

The rose day is the starting of the Valentines’ week which is 7th of every Feb and is significant for giving roses to your loved ones especially the red roses when you eternally love someone and want to express your feelings to them. But the rose day is not only popular for red roses. You can even present yellow or white roses which are signs of friendship and peace respectively. Rose day can be celebrated even in name of friendship or solving disputes with someone.

rose day

For couples exchanging red roses along with a sweet message display card with the bouquet of roses will make your rose day special one.

Propose Day

Next, after the rose day comes to the Propose Day. It is the time to confess your love to your crush and make them yours. Now if you are a married couple it is the time for you to relive those memories when you first proposed your partner. Celebrate it on every 8th of Feb.

propose day

You can propose them in total movie style by bending on your knees and asking them will they spend their rest life with you. You can even do this carrying a ring. Trust me you’ll not be disappointed if you express your love with such efforts.

Chocolate Day

It is 9th of Feb and yes, it is the chocolate day! Chocolates are believed to make a person, even more, happier. So, gift him/her a bar of creamy chocolate and make sure, especially the chocolate which they love. By gifting a chocolate you fill your love life with immense sweetness. Just tell your partner to be as sweet as the chocolate. So grab your chocolates now!

chocolate day

Teddy Day

Teddy is adorable, isn’t it? Gifting a teddy bear to a boy would not be that cool but a very common fact is that girls love teddy bears. They find them cute and cozy.

teddy day

So, if you love your lady, celebrating this day is a must. Gift her cute teddy just like her and tell her you to consider her cuter than them. After all, she is the Barbie doll of your life! Teddy day, celebrated on 10th Feb of every year.

Promise Day

Celebrated every 11th of Feb, promise day is a day when couples promise each other to stay life-long and give commitments of supporting each other in times of difficulties. Take your partner’s hand in yours and tell them what importance they keep in your life.

For those who are married, the best thing they can do is retake the vows you once took when you were getting married. No moment would be as special as that one.

Time to clutch their soul

Its 12th of Feb and is a day when you and your partner would be the closest. Yes, hug day is the time when you need to embrace your partner and give your loved one a tight, bone-crushing. A hug can relieve you from all the problems you had in your mind and make you feel warm and contented.

hug day

Kiss Day

13th Feb is celebrated popularly as the kiss day. When couples kiss their partner it is actually the symbol of love and intense feelings you have for your partner. So, be a passionate kisser!

Valentine’s day

Yes, 14th Feb finally arrives which is Valentine’s day.  It is the day of love, passion. Spend quality time with your partner on this day, feel loved and make them feel love as well. Love them truly and make them feel your real feelings. Promise them to never get apart because true love never dies and is forever.

The world celebrates all the seven days finally leading to the V-day or Valentine’s Day and couples are totally into love celebrating all the days with their loved ones.


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