“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and to be loved…” – someone rightly quoted. Falling in love can be one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. Knowing you’re in love feels distinctive for everybody. Some have been in love a bit more frequently and know the inclination well, and others might be not entirely certain if it’s actually love or only a profound fascination. But, there are certain signs that can help you differentiate between these thin lines of love & infatuation, and we just don’t mean, butterflies in the stomach. Watch out for these indications and discover yourself whether this magical feeling is actually love…


You often talk about them

If you notice closely, you may often find talking about him or her even when that person is not around. It can be with your friends or family (those you are close with). And of course, it is beyond your control and is totally by accident. It will take you some time to realize that you are actually talking about one particular person all the time.

You can’t stop checking your phone

In case you’re looking at your phone constantly after a gap of a minute or less and if the sound of your phone ringing sends a shiver down your spine then my friend we are not far from “love”

Re-reading the messages again……and again…..

re reading messages

You ensure that you don’t delete her or his messages by any chance. You are often found re-reading their messages again and again and silently smiling while staring on your phone or lappy. A message notification with their name in it is all that’s needed to sort out your day. Sometimes you would just scroll up and read the entire conversation from the beginning of the time you first started talking. We don’t blame you, after all, that’s what makes you happy!

Things you hate seem ‘OK’ now

You had certain things that you hate to do, it can be a particular food that you despise or may be a roller coaster ride, but the same thing may appeal to the person you are in love with. And you suddenly find yourself compromising with the things you generally hate or it suddenly turns out to be “OK” and “NOT THAT BAD” for you, you know what we mean….

Spending some “Quality” time

You continuously try to find ways and means on spending some ‘quality’ time with that special person.  Doesn’t matter, even if it means, you got to drive an hour out of your regular way just to see her or him or maybe cancel your previous plans or reschedule your programs so that you can have some time beside that person. And, of course, you don’t mind it at all rather you are just happy doing it.

Curiosity is a thing

You may be one of those persons, who is least bothered about others and what is going on in their life, but when it comes to that special person, you just can’t help being curious. You want to know everything about them, from their friends to family to work colleagues. What they had for lunch, when they slept, when they woke up, we mean literally everything

You lose track of time

You practically lose track of time, when you are with that person. One can spend hours talking to them either on phone or otherwise and it would still be never enough and there will always be space for more.

You get defensive

Well, if you like a person, not necessarily your friends or your BFF will like him or her too. And when they come up with opinions of their own regarding that person who means a lot to you, you certainly tend to become more defensive about them. You just can’t take it.

Possessiveness shows off

Possessiveness shows off

Suddenly you realize that you have become more possessive about that particular person. You mentally started taking note of things that person likes and dislikes, you become more protective and in a way caring for him. You try and remember every ‘firsts’ you had with them – your first meeting, your first coffee, your first movie.

So if you can relate to all or some of these signs then congrats you are in love. And if you are in love, don’t hesitate to go and open up yourself to that special person, sooner. As sometimes, some love stories end before it even starts only because no one took a stand when it was needed. Being deeply loved by someone gives one strength while loving someone deeply gives courage.


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