Why do you love your body? Do you love your body because it enables you to experience the richness of life with all of your senses? Do you love your body because it allows you to create things, hug other`s and enjoy the pleasure of movement? I`m not asking you if you love your body buy why you love your body.

I want to start the conversation about loving your body with the why, not the if to get your shifting in that direction immediately. People, women in particular-perhaps you the reader –have spent far too many precious moments of life criticizing and trying to change your body rather than truly loving and accepting the gift of your body!

One principle in life you should follow if you really love your body and that is, one of the principles of living a truly successful life is to stay away from drugs, which can impede one’s attention span, fry one’s brain cells, and alter one’s soundness and sense of judgment in decision making.

Wait! Let me show you some tips on why drugs should not be part of your life:

  • Drugs are dangerous to your body and to your mind. This is proven fact and all one needs to do to see this truly is examine the lives of those who are controlled by the various forms of substance abuse prevalent in the world today.
  • Drugs are addictive. To allow you to be imprisoned by any form of drugs, even alcohol, is not a good thing.
  • Don’t be deceived into thinking that you can handle it. Once the drugs get into your system, it will be a most difficult thing to get them out. Save yourself the frustration.

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Understand that your purpose is bigger from that and too valuable to be wasted upon drugs. You are bigger than that. The challenge that the most women face around loving their body is the cultural conditioning around the ideal body of women. Is it is a distortion of that ends up creating the situation where women feel inadequate and that there is something wrong with their body for not looking like this? It causes women to judge and try to change their body by dieting, plastic surgery and many other ways of trying to get their body to look like the ideal.

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Tips to help you love your body

Do you know your life has made judgmental remarks about your body? These people weren’t able to see the beauty of your body because they had absorbed the cultural definitions themselves-and were judging you and probably their own body against these standards as well.

“I take back the power to define the beauty of my own body-your comments were distortions and untrue-and I no longer give them any power.” Feel how good this feels to clear you of all of this negativity and distortion.

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Clear your own negative believes about your body

Because of your exposure to the cultural conditioning about the supposed ideal female body, you have practiced self-judgment of your body for not confirming the promoted deal, these judgments and negative beliefs are again distortions and not based on the truth of the unique beauty of your own body. We all have bodies of different sizes and shapes that are special and truly beautiful.

Exercise for the joy of feeling your body move

When you exercise to reduce fat from your body to compensate for calories eaten-this can come from a place of fear and have an energy of trying to control and fight against your body.

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Remind yourself what the purpose of having the body is!

Your body is yours to fully experience life and to take it and enjoy it. It is a vehicle for you to experience life with all of your senses. The body of yours may allow you to feel a warm breeze on your skin. Feel the cool water in a lake when you slim, see all of your vivid colors of a sunset. Here are all of the beauty of music, to hear the sounds of birds and trees moving in the wind. Also feel the softness of someone’s hand, feel the joy of dancing, taste and enjoy delicious food. Express yourself with a smile, tears or laughter. Your body is for you, not for others to critique or judge.

When you look at mirror look at loving eyes at yourself through loving eyes

For many women`s looking in the mirror turns into an exercise of self-judgment. Again the criteria they are judging themselves against are this unrealistic ideal that is promoted in the media.

Set a clear intention to yourself with the lens of love. You can interrupt the self-judgment and move into being very loving with yourself. This will be something that you need to practice before it becomes a habit. It will be well worth the effort because you will begin to feel really wonderful about yourself.


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