Before you actually tie the knot, almost all couples imagine their wedding night which is filled with high expectations, a bit of excitement and some nervousness.

Anxiety and desires are the things that characterize the first night after marriage. Note here that Sex is not the only thing that “happens” between a couple, there are lot many things that can happen, if you are married you know what we are talking, if you are not, here we are to give you an insight on all the probable things that do happen in the “first” night. Read on….

Dozing off

dozing off

After all the rituals and day-long functions, sometimes, the couples are too tired to actually do anything, so they prefer to save things for later and go to have a good night sleep

Getting rid of the wedding outfits

Getting rid of that heavily embroidered saree and sherwani and that skillfully crafted jewelry can be one heck of a task after the tiring day.

wedding outfits

Unwrapping Gifts


Well, the wedding means a hundred gifts, and if the couple is those who just can’t resist to find out what is hidden in that glossy & glittery gift wrap, then be rest assured that this is the first thing that they would do, attacking and unwrapping the gifts.


While being busy with all the wedding preparations and stuff, the couple hardly gets any personal time to have a talk or discussion, thus, once it is all over, they prefer to discuss things that had been long pending indeed.


Honeymoon Plans

What is the next best and exciting thing after the wedding??? Of course, the much awaited and pre-planned honeymoon, the much-awaited vacation trip every newlywed looks forward to


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Inhibitions & fantasies

Everyone has some sort of sexual inhibitions and fantasies, and when you have a partner, you officially have someone to share all your desires and sexual fantasies. Couples often end up sharing these inhibitions, just to materialize them later. If you know what we mean.


You must be wondering, Games? Well, that’s right. Couples sometimes get so tired that they end up playing some indoor games like ludo or Minecraft. It might sound funny but it is a relaxing retreat for the couples after a day-long ritual and meeting various people.


Sex of course!

wedding couples

Sex is, of course, a thing when we are discussing the “first” night “things”. But sometimes that is not that easy either when you are a first-timer. It might often get awkward with all the complicated positions and over-excitement, wrong muscle pulls and what not? But trust us, people, first sex is always amazing!

And, you always thought that the first wedding night was all about a never-ending action-packed sex session. Well, sorry to burst your thought bubble, but “Sex” is not the only thing that a couple does on their wedding night, there is a lot more than this.


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