Most of the people travel in their life for many reasons. Whether it is attending a relative’s marriage, visiting a native place, office tour or holiday vacation, everyone has their own reasons to travel.

Yet, there are a few people who consider traveling as a life-changing event – as it fulfills their desire to and touches the sky.

Traveling has many good things like – increasing the well-being, bringing change to daily routine, providing new memories and experiences, filling your heart with great enthusiasm etc. Many people think that traveling will drain their energy – and is a waste of time and money.

Yet, traveling brings in new energy and rejuvenates your mind and body. Travelling also develops your confidence levels, making you happier than ever.

reason for travelling

Though there might be some stressful moments in your life, when you go on the road or visit a new place — you will forget everything. This is not about traveling to an unknown place, but traveling to your native or being a tourist in your own city can be beneficial.
When it comes to the reasons to travel, the list is endless. Here are the top 7 reasons why you should travel and how it is beneficial for you.

1.To take a break

Traveling gives you a break from daily routine and hectic work schedules. The more you travel, the more you move away from everyday stress. You need to take your mind and body out of personal and professional problems. However, don’t travel to the extent that it becomes a financial burden.

We are living in a world with a hectic lifestyle and work pressure. It has become difficult to maintain a proper balance between personal and professional life – leading to mental conditions like stress and depression. Excessive stress is not at all good for your health and can affect your mental and physical health.

When you travel, your mind releases happy hormones – which dominate the stress hormones. Travelling brings you out of situations that are harmful to your body. It gives you a chance to spend time with your family and friends, improving your overall health.

travelling break

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2. To develop creative skills

Traveling makes your mind sharp and helps improve creative skills. When your brain is introduced to a new environment, it builds resilience at the cellular level and delays degenerative diseases. Due to the exposure to novelty, there is an increase in cognitive stimulation that increases memory and concentration.

When you interact with new people, know about their culture and tradition – the onset of degenerative diseases is delayed. Switching up the destinations is beneficial to your mind — rather than going to the same place again and again.

When you visit a new place, your brain’s neural pathways are influenced by the surroundings. The better you engage with new cultures, the more creative you will be. Rather than simply changing your physical location, you should immerse yourself in new cultures and traditions.

creative skill

3. To increase connection with others

Traveling gives you an opportunity to meet new people that you wouldn’t connect with usually. When you move out of your comfort zone, you may have to look for other people’s guidance. This way you engage with other travels and locals and develop a social connection. You can even strengthen bonding with your family members and friends.

There are different aspects of traveling that enhance your self-sense. Research shows that people who come out their home and mingle with people around them, their personal identity is strengthened. You will increase confidence in terms of social values and beliefs.

Travel broadens the perspective of the individual, as the person finds himself in situations that he/she wouldn’t be in normal situations. Traveling gives you an opportunity to see things from different view, as you are faced with the reality of life. You can free your mind from unnecessary thoughts and broaden your view.

In other words, traveling helps you create a meaningful relationship with your beloved ones. The people you meet on the trip may become some of the valued people in your life.


4. To learn new skills

Many people love to travel just because they want to learn a new skill or gain knowledge. Traveling gives you an opportunity to discover the rest of the world and learn a lot from people living in different countries. Every destination has something new to teach and gives the best learning experience.

People may travel to learn new cuisine, language, skills, dance, arts and many more. The best thing is that people who travel frequently take away a lot more than their specific goal. They will learn different ways to do things.

Learning a new thing in real life is not as easy as it seems. However, traveling will give you a great sense of satisfaction from what you learned. You can’t imagine how different life is in another place and how talented the people living there are. You will come home with fresh ideas and new possibilities.

new skill

5. To improve overall health

Do you know that people who travel frequently are healthier than those who don’t? The reason is quite simple. Traveling will let you try new activities, learn new skills, meet new people and stay active throughout the journey. In fact, you can live life the way you want without any commitments. You can enjoy the freedom of life and leave all your worries.

Traveling exposes you to different environments that act as strong antibodies and boost your immune system. Your body adapts to thousands of new bacteria when you travel from one place to the other, making it much stronger. People who wander away from their homes are less stressed and hence are less likely to develop heart disease.

Traveling forces you to be active and you are likely to attempt an extreme sport. Even if you plan to stay throughout the day in the beach, you are likely to give exercise to body muscles by walking in sand. There are many places on earth that have healing properties. Whether it is soaking your feet in the mineral-rich water or detoxifying your body amidst nature, traveling will let you live longer.


6. To Relax and Rejuvenate

Though preparing for travel can be extremely stressful, it is the best way to relax and rejuvenate. Traveling to a place that is surrounded by lush greenery and water bodies will heal your body and mind. A bath, massage and body scrub is ideal for those who need some pampering. There are a plethora of travel opportunities that are perfect for your mind and body.

There are some popular destinations that are well known for its health and wellness benefits.  If you are a nature lover, you must make plans to Southern India this season. A well-planned travel itinerary will include a variety of activities such as horse riding, hiking mountains, bird watching tours, trekking in cloud forests etc.

Relax on the white sand beaches or walk along the beachside to enjoy the beauty of nature. You can even book a resort to enjoy spa services and different therapies. Hundreds and thousands of people visit medical spas every year where they can take advantage of alternative treatments amidst nature.


7. To cherish memories

Traveling gives you good memories that last for years in your heart. After returning from incredible vacation, your heart will be filled with joy and happiness. The secret to a happier life is to invest in material things, and this is what traveling gives you. Travelling gives you a sense of fulfillment that is unmatched by designer bags, clothes or expensive gadgets.

The experiences are only fleeting and last for a period until a new adventure unfolds. To immortalize your travel memories, you should take photographs and preserve them. You can start a scrapbook to cherish your travel memories. Whenever you will see it, your heart will be filled with joy.

That is the reason why I love traveling with family and friends. The memories often bring a smile on my face and remind you of some amazing things. Traveling with kids can be a bit stressful, but it is definitely worth it.



The above 7 reasons to travel are just a snapshot of the benefits you receive and there are many more reasons to list. Traveling is not only for fun or excitement, but to empower. Traveling boosts your confidence levels and makes you think that you can do things, which you never thought of before. It makes you a contended, happy and relaxed person in life.

It is one of the best things to do in life. A lot of people put off traveling because of their work pressure, family burden, and traveling expenses. However, it is one of the biggest mistakes they do in life. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this gorgeous planet and experience the world to your best. Whatever is the reason to travel, I am sure you will have the most amazing time.

Do you need any other reason to travel? Pack your bags and start your journey!


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