Nail art has been used for many years for getting glamorous and beautiful nails. Even if you don’t have big nail extensions then also you can apply these designs to any size of nails you want because they look equally good for any type of nails and any shape of nails. Nail art looks really cool and completes your final look when you get ready for a party and also for daily wear too. It just gives your nails that elegant look that can be flaunted anywhere you go.

So, you want nail art done at your home and you do not want to spend huge amount of bucks at salon for these services and you are trying this nail art designing for the first time on your nails then you need to know some tips that are really beneficial and helpful for beginners using which you can at least manage to draw basic and quite easy designs for your nails. Here are some tips for the same-

For a two-tone nail art look

For making a pattern with two different colors you can use a “loofah”. A loofah is basically a net that can be used to make a pattern over a particular color base. What you need to do is just paint your nails with a base coat of say black color and let it dry. Then place that loofah on your nails and paint it over with a different color say gold. You will get a beautiful pattern on your nails.

The chic design

The chic design is deceptively easy. Just paint your nails with a white base. Paint a white line to create the outline of the black area in any shape you want and fill that line with black polish inside. Apply a top transparent coat and you are done!

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The matte look

Just mix some of your powdered eye-shadow with the similar color of nail paint separately. And apply it on your nails. Don’t apply a transparent coat otherwise, it would give a shine to it destroying the matte look.

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Polka dots back in fashionfor this nail-art design you need a base color of your choice with a contrasting color. I choose a purple base with white contrast. Now what you need to do is apply the base coat and use a bobby-pin tip for making the dots. Dip the tip of the pin into the contrast color and apply it on your nails. Don’t forget to fix it with a top transparent coat. A more modified form of this art can be you can line your nail tips with different colors of polka-dots on each finger.

Use tapes for creating different shapes

Use a tape for creating shapes. Again what you need to do is stick the tape in the way you want the shape to be for example for a diagonal color look stick your tape diagonally at the ends of your nails and paint the area with a beautiful color. You can also add a base color to it or just give it a sober look by limiting to the tip mentioned before.

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The stone look

Uses a crumbled plastic for this. Dip the crumbled plastic in a nail paint color and dab it on your nails which already have a base color on it. And seal this look with a top coat of transparent polish.

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The Gradient nails

The gradient nails are created either by nail paint or by any glitter. Just make the base of your nails by any color of your choice. Now chose the best contrast for that base or a glitter for more enhancing effect. Apply that contrast color or glitter on a sponge and dab it on your nails towards the edges of your nails with decreasing intensity of color inside. Lock this look with a top coat. The glitter nails are best for any wedding function.

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Simple and professional

You must have seen those nails with a white lining on the nail extensions only. Yes, you can create them at your home now. Take white nail paint and apply only on your nail extension. Now take an ear-bud or Q-tip and dip it in a nail paint remover and wipe off the excess of paint that is coming out of the lining. And fix it with a transparent coat as well.

So, these were some really basic and easy tips for your nail art designing. All you need is to follow these tips step by step and be patient while doing it because it may ruin your entire nail art design and you would end up with a mess. So, get party ready by applying them and get gorgeous instantly.


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